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Soule Kindred In America


Do you have talents and skills that are not currently being used to their fullest?  Do you want to do something satisfying and of great service for future generations?  Then you might want to consider becoming a Soule Kindred volunteer by joining one of the following committees:

The Membership Committee is responsible for recruiting new members, membership renewals, oversight of the membership database, tracking membership trends, coordinating online membership information, and providing updated lists for  mailing labels.  Chair: Andy Turner

The Research Committee is responsible for the initiation, coordination, and supervision of research projects relating to the knowledge and understanding of Colonial American History, the Pilgrims, Plymouth Colony, and Mayflower passenger George Soule, his wife, Mary Beckett, and their descendants, including DNA research.  Those of you with interest or expertise in research may want to be involved with this committee.  Results of research projects will be made available in Soule Kindred publications. Chair: Sara Soule-Chapman

Are you excited to meet your Soule cousins?  Do you like to plan events?  Then maybe the Reunion Committee is the place for you.  The Reunion Committee is responsible for helping to identify future reunion locales, assisting reunion hosts, and promoting educational programs at the reunions that reflect the mission of Soule Kindred. Chair: TBD

The Scholarship Committee awards scholarships to descendants of George and Mary (Beckett) Soule.  The Committee members review applications and award an annual scholarship based primarily on each candidate's response to an essay question developed  by the committee. Chair: Helen Soule'

The mission of the Lineage Assistance Committee, which began in 2010, is to assist Soule Kindred members as they attempt to determine their lineage back to Pilgrim George Soule.  Committee members also provide guidance to members wishing to apply to the Mayflower Society, the Daughters of the American Revolution and other hereditary organizations. They use resources readily available to conduct their research but do not provide detailed documentation. Chair:  Steven Mortenson

The Communications Committee is responsible for the ongoing development, expansion, maintenance and security of the Soule Kindred website (soulekindred.org).  This may be the committee for you if you enjoy web development and maintenance and/or social media (e.g., blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and would like to use your expertise to improve Soule Kindred’s public presence through its website. Chair: Chris Schlosser

The purpose of the Nomination Committee is to solicit and select a slate of candidates for election to the Board of Directors from the membership. The committee members correspond with the nominees, develop a ballot, manage the election process and post the results.  For those of you looking for a short term involvement this may be a place to volunteer! Chair: Randy Breese

For more information or to volunteer, please contact one of the committee chairpersons or Becket Soule.

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